New Piercebridge Organics Website Live

Welcome to our brand new website, launched in January 2016. If you are reading this, you are looking at our new website.

With this new website, we hope to bring you some improvements, with things like:

  • Better overall appearance and navigation.
  • Better mobile appearance – works well on all devices – for people on handheld devices.
  • To combine the websites and domains for Piercebridge Farm, Harry’s Eggs and Piercebridge Organics (cafe and Post Office), into one, simpler, website.
  • Ability to place orders online.
  • Lots more!

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment below, or, if you haven’t already, talk to us on Facebook or Twitter.

Comments 3

  1. Fantastic new website – very interesting and easy to navigate, so really impressed! So excited to be returning to the area for a holiday next week, and as always we’re really looking forward to our visit to Piercebridge Organics, where we’ll stock up on beautiful eggs (the testimonials on the ‘Harry’s Eggs’ page are spot on) delicious meat, cakes and biscuits, frozen food and larder items. All rounded off nicely with a coffee and slice of cake in the cafe! Didn’t realise you do breakfasts until reading it on your website, they sound amazing, may well try! Really good you’re on Twitter and Facebook but I’d highly recommend you also set yourselves up with an Instagram account; it’s dead easy to set up and manage, reaches out to a huge community, and is hugely popular. We just want to say keep up the good work everyone, and you’re truly one in a million.

  2. I’ve shopped here several times, a fantastic shop and cafe. Can’t fault it. If you want a piece of meat which isn’t in the fridge or freezer just ask, they’ll supply it in a few weeks or days.
    Go for a country walk behind the farm and you can see all the free range chickens happy in the field.
    You can even buy organic homemade desserts

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