Farm shop

Piercebridge Farm has a history of selling produce straight from the porch. Originally it was bags of potatoes, then eggs, half lambs and chickens. In 2001 we were completing the conversion of  some old stables into a purpose built shop, when we were taken down with Foot and Mouth Disease. This had a massive effect on us and the farm but we carried on with our vision to create a shop selling purely Organic produce. From one fridge, one freezer and a table we have grown the shop into one of the North’s and arguably the UK’s most loved solely Organic food outlets, with a large percentage of home produced and homemade products lining the shelves.

We now stock over 2,000 Organic products which have been carefully selected with our customers in mind. We stock vegetables, dairy products, fresh meats, flours (including specialist), pulses, beans, canned products, pastas, jams, fish and pretty much everything else you need in terms of Organic food. We also sell beautiful greetings cards and small gifts so please do pop in if you’re looking for something a little bit different. You can also bring in your empty bottles of Ecover products to refill at the shop.

We have extensive knowledge of all our products and we cater for special dietary requirements such as gluten free.

People often think that Organic food comes with a hefty price tag but as we produce all the meat ourselves and buy vegetables direct from local farms, we are often cheaper than the supermarket for like-for-like products.