The Farm

The farm is a 300 acre farm, which is farmed completely organically. On the farm we produce beef from Aberdeen angus cattle, pork from a Landrace Duroc pig, famous for its tasty tender pork and lamb from our flock of mixed sheep including Scottish Black Face, Cheviots and home bred Mules. As well as the hens which produce eggs we also rear table birds. All of the produce mentioned can be bought through our farm shop, we have an onsite butchers where we make all our own burgers, sausages, ham, bacon and cooked meats as well as your classic joints and cuts of meat.

The farm is multi award winning for its high levels of conservation and diversification. We recently won the Silver Lapwing award for conservation in the England category. The farm is part of the Higher Level stewardship scheme and as a result over the years we have planted miles of hedges, field margins and beetle banks. The difference to wildlife has been quite remarkable with the wild bird population having a significant increase in numbers.

On the farm we now have, Skylarks, Grey Partridge, Curlews, Lap Wings, Snipe, Barn Owls, Tawny Owls, Little Owls, Fieldfares, to name but a few.