As with all our livestock production we take a great sense of pride in our stock and our breeding.

All the beef sold in our shop comes from our herd of Aberdeen Angus cows and our Pedigree Herd of English Longhorns. Both of these breeds are world renowned for producing the best beef. They are both Native Breeds, which means they grow more slowly than their Continental and more popular counterparts, but this extra time allows them to develop a much deeper and more textured flavour.

The production of beef from Native Breeds of beef animals is much more sustainable. They are very hardy and are much happier living outside right through the winter where they have more room to wander the fields. Their coats are so thick they often find themselves too warm on mild winter days. Living outside all year round means there is less straw bedding and electricity required in the sheds, giving these cows a lower carbon foot print. In addition to this, because they grow slowly they are able to get all the nutrition they need from grass and hay or silage. Most UK beef production is centered around heavily feeding cows on cereal-based diets, which we don’t believe is sustainable as you could be feeding this wheat or barley to people; without the concentrate feed inputs we are reducing their carbon footprint further.

We butcher all our own cows and make all of your traditional cuts plus our own recipe burgers, sausages and even salt beef.  If there is something particular you would like, please do not hesitate to ask.


We promise you won’t find any better beef anywhere in the world.