Butchered here on the farm

We have a specially converted building on the farm where we do all our butchery. We are the epitome of an old fashioned butchers; we believe in seeing things through from start to finish. We rear it; then we butcher it. Simple.

Traditional butchers

We only use traditional methods and we would never do anything nasty like pump water into our chicken. We can guarantee only the finest quality meat.

Hung correctly; carefully butchered

All our meat is hung in our hanging room before being carefully butchered.

Done your way – or grab it from our Farm Shop

We can butcher anything to your specification so if you have a special request, please do just ask us and we can organise that for you. If you would rather just pop in and see what takes your fancy, we always have a full selection of products in the Farm Shop.

Hand Made Sausages

As well as cuts of the finest meats, we also hand make sausages using only the finest natural ingredients, no fillers or junk, just lovely meat, seasoning and natural sausage casings, not synthetic ones!

We even do gluten free sausages.

We also dry our own ingredients to put into our sausages such as local leeks, apples and even mint from the farmhouse garden.

Hand made burgers & secret recipe bacon and gammon

As well as the sausages, we hand make burgers and produce superb secret recipe bacon and gammon.

Next time you’re in ask for shoulder bacon, it knocks the socks off back bacon! It may look a bit different but the taste is fantastic.

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