Our Chickens are 100% Free Range and Organic.

We produce and sell fresh chicken every single week. We buy our chicks in at just a few hours old from a local hatchery; they then go into a warm brooder shed until they have enough feathers to face the great outdoors.

At three weeks of age they have enough feathers to cope without the heat and they are transferred into small arks holding 70 birds each. These birds will then live a natural free-range life chasing bugs, making dust wallows and pecking at the herb-rich grass.

Intensively reared chickens will live for an average of 3 weeks before they are slaughtered. Our birds will live up to and over 20 weeks, resulting in a much more flavoursome and better textured bird. They have also had a much happier and healthier life.

All the birds are humanely dispatched and plucked on the farm and we butcher them into the classic pieces as well as whole and half birds; plus our famous chicken sausages which are definitely worth trying!

We have been rearing free-range chickens for over 10 years now, a project we started when we lost our sheep in the foot and mouth crisis. Since then we have had so many letters of thanks and praise for such a fantastic and out of this world eating experience. We hope that you will forget the watery supermarket chickens and become another of our happy customers.