The kitchen makes the most of all the fabulous Organic ingredients we have available. Using the great local vegetables and the superb meat and eggs off the farm, we cook up some real treats for you to enjoy!


The ethos in our kitchen is to make food as you would make it at home. We pride ourselves on never cutting corners; we don’t use fillers, preservatives, E numbers or MSG. For instance, if you were making a shepherd’s pie at home, you wouldn’t make it 90% potato and 10% meat, you would make it with more meat and a little potato. You also wouldn’t bulk out the mince with fillers, you would use nice stock, onions and seasoning. Well that is exactly what we do and that is what makes our food so delicious.


In the kitchen we make a beautiful range of ready meals including Lasagne, Boeuf Bourguignon, Chicken and Mushroom Pie, Pork Casserole, Shepherd’s Pie, Cottage Pie and Beef and Horseradish, to name just a few.


We make tasty and hearty soups such as Ham and Lentil, Tomato, Broccoli and Stilton, Cauliflower Cheese, again to name but a few.


To complement our ready meals we also make warming puddings such as Plum Crumble, Apple and Cinnamon Crumble, Pear and Almond Crumble and a selection of scrumptious Roulades.


The kitchen is the sole supplier of cakes and biscuits to the café so we make a vast range of tempting cakes, scones, brownies, shortbread and tiffin which we serve daily in the café and also sell in the shop for you to take home with you.


Only a few of the things we make have been mentioned above. For a full list, either email us or call into the shop to see what we have. A lot of what is available depends upon the seasons so we do have different options to reflect the time of year. We pride ourselves on using the best ingredients available which means that our menu changes to reflect each season’s produce.