As far as our family history goes back we have been farmers and for most of our history we have been sheep farmers.

Today we farm a mixture of sheep as we are constantly trying to improve our flock so that the need for high levels of inputs are reduced.

The majority of our sheep spend all year outside even through the winter. It is much healthier for them and living outside like the cows reduces their carbon foot print as they don’t need the inputs of straw bedding and electricity.

We keep a variety of breeds of sheep on the farm. Our main flock is made up of Mules which are a local cross bred speciality. We also keep a flock of Hebridean sheep, these are from the outer Hebrides, they are much smaller so you get smaller cuts of meat but they are extremely hardy and their dark and unbelievably flavoursome meat is the lowest in cholesterol of any lamb meat.

To reduce the carbon foot print and to lamb in the most natural manor we lamb all our sheep outside on our pastures in May. This extremely stress free way for the sheep results in no need to feed concentrate feed and you encounter far fewer health problems as the sheep are in their natural environment…… fields full of delicious grass! Last year we welcomed onto the farm a Tup (male sheep) from New Zealand. He was from a farm with a proven history of easy lambing which is nice for the ewe and a history of producing good strong lambs which fatten of grass and don’t need expensive and unsustainable concentrate feeds. He has been a great success.

The lambs are run on grass all year round and fattened on clover rich leys, which gives our lamb a special sweetness.

We have lamb available in our shop all year round and it is all home butchered. We sell half and whole lambs as well as all the individual cuts, plus home made sausages and burgers. If you want a really special treat, we make and sell home made shepherds pie!