Mud glorious mud! Our herd of pigs are Free Range and Organic and we have fresh pork available in our shop all year round.

They live outside where they love to make a mess! They are a special crossbreed which has the flavour and tenderness of a breed called Duroc, with some Hampshire for hardiness and taste and a more commercial strain so that they don’t get too fat; this can be a problem with pigs reared outside and with rare breed pigs. Fat is great and the taste is sensational but we want to balance this out as nobody likes too much fat and it can make for a less enjoyable eating experience. To counteract this, we try to harness the very best bits from lots of breeds to give you the tastiest pork!

The mess the pigs make is great for the farm, they root out all of the weeds and fertilise the soil beautifully so that we can plough behind them and plant grass for the sheep and cows. They have a vital role in our rotation, which is the natural way of improving the land to make it more productive.


Pork is the most versatile of meats and in our butchery we make the most of this by producing sweet cured bacon and hams as well as gammon and a range of sensational sausages. We often make delicious sausages using local leek, apple and sometimes the peppery hit of a nettle but the Piercebidge Porker, a plain sausage is by far our most popular.