Turkey…bland? dry? boring? You obviously haven’t tried one of ours!

When we say wild, these turkeys are as close as you will get! They think nothing of sitting on top of the farmhouse. The turkeys we rear for Christmas are what are known as Heritage turkeys, which means they are the closest relatives of wild turkeys, perhaps a little too close at times for our liking! They haven’t been hybridized like all other turkeys, so you don’t get these enormous massive breasted birds, which can barely walk and dry out at the very sight of an oven.

They are like the athletes of the turkey world, running or flying to the next village is all in a day’s work for these gutsy birds!

Because they are built, as nature intended not man, their bodies are longer and therefore you still get the same amount of meat but they cook much more evenly so they don’t dry out. They are also a lot hardier so they don’t contract diseases in the same way as other turkeys do. This is much better for our Organic farm as we aren’t allowed to use medicines for our animals and normal turkeys require routine antibiotic use to keep them healthy.


When we can catch them we humanely dispatch them on the farm and hang them for two weeks to develop the superb flavour.


To avoid disappointment we advise getting your orders in as soon as you know your Christmas plans.